Class Timetable

Holistic Gentle Yoga for Women

Classes 90 minutes ~

  • Wednesday:   10.15am
  • Thursday:   9.30am   &   1.15pm
  • Friday:  1.15pm
  • Saturday:  9am

Contact Gwynn Stewart: 0409970379 (Bookings Essential)

* Limited to 7 per class *

Yoga Class Term Dates & Fee 2018

Term 1:   31/01/18 – 29/03/18

  • $180.00  9 weeks Wednesday & Thursday classes
  • $160.00  8 weeks Friday & Saturday classes (due to Easter)

Term 2:   18/04/18 – 30/06/18

  • $220.00  11 weeks

Term 3:  18/07/18 – 22/09/18

  • $200.00  10 weeks

Term 4:  08/10/18 – 15/12/18

  • $200.00  10 weeks

(There will be a class held on Bendigo Cup Day)

* Term bookings work out at $20.00 per 90min class. I generously offer make up classes when a class is missed within the same term (please note that make up classes do not carry over to the next term). Payment for classes are to be made by direct deposit prior to commencement, bank details will be supplied at time of booking.

* Casual attendance $25 per 90min class. Please check availability of space for that week, they cannot be booked in advance. The fee for the chosen class is to be paid at time of booking by direct deposit (bank details will be supplied) or cash. Casual attendance cannot be booked from week to week, you will need to arrange a term booking to secure a weekly spot in your chosen class.

Please be considerate when booking a yoga class by honouring your commitment to attend or providing 24 hours notice if unable to attend. It is not only rude but unfair on myself and the other ladies to not turn up on the day of the class.

When and Where?

The Yoga class timetable runs during the school terms and can be joined at any time, space permitting. The yoga studio is situated at 294A Napier Street, Bendigo, opposite Lake Weeroona, (behind Bendigo Animal Hospital). For all enquiries and to book a class please contact Gwynn on 0409970379.

Who is the class for? 

Gentle Spirit Yoga classes are designed for women, to be both nourishing and restorative by offering a balance between the breath, movement and meditation/relaxation. If a posture is challenging for someone I will always seek to provide modification where possible to suit the needs of the individual. Where modification is unsuitable you will be encouraged to use visualisation. There are no pre-requisites to join a class as the classes are suitable for ladies familiar or experienced in the practice of yoga and beginners.

Holistic Gentle Yoga Classes:

Through the guidance of the Eight Limbs of Yoga we will explore gentle postures (Asana), breath awareness (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana) and Yoga Nidra Relaxation/Meditation. You will be encouraged to focus on the flow of your breath throughout the class. By using the breath as your guide and tuning into and listening to your body’s needs encourages a body and mind connection. It is through this deeper connection balance is restored within us instilling a deeper sense of peace.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a relaxation practice that promotes the withdrawal of the senses (Pratyahara) from external stimuli to maintain a quiet stillness within while our consciousness remains alert through concentration (Dharana), known as the state between sleep and wakefulness. This promotes a deep state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation within the body and mind, leaving you feeling calm, refreshed and mentally alert.

Yoga Australia and Health Funds:

As I am a registered teacher with Yoga Australia you may be eligible to claim classes through your health fund. Please check with your health fund for their requirements. More information can be found at the Yoga Australia website.

Class Etiquette:

Please remove your shoes before entering the room

* Please refrain from wearing perfume due to allergies and sensitivities

Yoga is a personal journey, so please be respectful and mindful of others in the class

* Please ensure your mobile phone is on aeroplane mode & silent to minimise distraction or leave it in your car

* Allow yourself enough time to be settled before the class begins

* If the class has begun, please enter quietly so as not to disturb anyone

* Please provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend class

What to Bring:The Clean Eco Yoga Mat

* Wear comfortable clothing

* Drink bottle

* Shawl – to cover your body for relaxation, otherwise I have some available to use.

* Yoga mat – if you have one, otherwise I have mats available for use. I also stock The Clean Eco Yoga Mat which is available for purchase before and after class or contact me to arrange a different time.



Gentle Spirit Yoga Namaste