Located opposite Lake Weeroona in Bendigo. Gentle Spirit Yoga is a little oasis where women can experience the benefits of a holistic gentle Yoga practice in a supportive & nurturing environment in order to ‘Restore Balance Within.’ 

Yoga style:

Enjoy a gentle, nurturing style of Yoga with a holistic approach. I offer a blend of many years of experience practicing Hatha and Satchidananda Yoga to create a Holistic Gentle Yoga providing nourishment for your body, mind and spirit.

Explore Yoga within a supportive and nurturing environment. Relax and quiet your mind, while gently strengthening your body. Feeling nourished, balanced and most importantly restored.

Experience gentle, strengthening postures (asana), meditation and the power of the breath to calm your nervous system relieving anxiety and stress.

Also incorporated into a class  is the sound and vibration of the crystal singing bowls (tuned to the heart chakra energy centre and higher heart chakra), the rhythm and vibration of the tanpura (Indian instrument) to restore and balance your energy and the soft, gentle beat of the buffalo drum to ground you.

Yoga is a journey to reconnect with that spark of divinity within you. The deepest longing of your Soul. It’s what often gets lost and forgotten as a result of our busy lives as we are so busy ‘doing’ and not ‘Being.’ Yoga isn’t something that you do, Yoga is an experience, a way of being. ‘Yoga’ is the feeling the practice creates within you! Yoga is union between body, mind and spirit to establish inner peace, balance, connection, calm, quiet…

Your yoga practice gives you the tools to connect to these feelings as part of your daily life.

Gentle Spirit Yoga Studio

‘Peace of mind is happiness, Yoga shows the way’

Swami Vishnu Devananda

Meet Gwynn:

Firstly, my name is pronounced as Gwinn (the ‘y’ has an ‘I’ sound and yes its Welsh).

My yoga journey began in the early nineties, which now seems like a life time ago (I suddenly feel older). Over the years, yoga has gifted me with a connection to Spirit on a deeply personal level. I had not only found my home but my dharma my path.

There are many yoga traditions but I felt a deep connection to the spiritual tradition of Satchidananda Yoga where I have spent many years in practice. It was within this tradition and with the guidance of my wonderful yoga teacher that I discovered mantra, chanting and the tanpura (Indian instrument) and crystal singing bowls. And that sound and vibration have such personal healing potential.

Yoga is a journey of Self discovery. I am so blessed to be on this adventure. It hasn’t been all roses though, as there are thorns on every bush. But we can not know light without the dark. There has been challenges along the way and there will continue to be as I move toward living more authentically and bravely (and sometimes not so bravely), facing my fears and learning to trust, accept and love the divine feminine and all that she stands for that is uniquely me ~ Gwynn xo

Diploma of Yoga Teaching – Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training (VIYETT)

Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation – Australian Centre for Holistic Studies (ACHS)

Gentle Spirit Yoga ABN: 17280747813

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Registered Teacher