Located opposite Lake Weeroona in Bendigo. Gentle Spirit Yoga is a little oasis where women can experience the benefits of a holistic gentle Yoga practice in a supportive & nurturing environment in order to ‘Restore Balance Within.’ 


Yoga Style:

Gentle Spirit yoga

Gentle Spirit Yoga Studio

Enjoy a gentle, nurturing style of Hatha Yoga with a holistic approach. Gwynn’s Yoga classes are styled to cater to you as an individual. To enable you to explore Yoga at your own pace and within your own ability in a supportive and comfortable environment. Enabling you to relax and quiet your mind, while gently strengthening your body to feel nourished, balanced and most importantly restored.

To make your experience more personal there is a limit of 7 per class. Bookings are essential. Simply contact Gwynn to enjoy one of her gentle Yoga classes. Laughter and friendship is encouraged as well a chat.


‘Peace of mind is happiness, Yoga shows the way’

~ Swami Vishnu Devananda


Meet Gwynn:

About Gentle Spirit Yoga Gwynn Stewart

Gwynn Stewart

Firstly, my name is pronounced as Gwinn (the ‘y’ has an ‘I’ sound and yes it’s Welsh)

I began practising Hatha Yoga in the early nineties. Yoga was completely new to me and I was deeply fascinated by the postures. I bought a book (which I still have) and joined a class and so began my Yoga journey.

Over the years my practice has grown to be a spiritual one as I soon realised Yoga was more than just a practice for the mat. As Yoga’s very essence began to seep into my daily life I began to listen and question more. Yoga has challenged and still continues to challenge me to shed old limited ways of thinking and perspective.

I find Yoga philosophy fascinating as I enjoy studying and learning new ways to make sense of concepts and ideas and how to apply that knowledge to daily life. It’s that deeper connection to the ‘Self’ or Soul that truly nourishes and inspires me.

One day during meditation I realised that I needed to share how wonderful Yoga is! How could I sit there every week and not tell the world how Yoga seems to make everything clearer and better. How Yoga challenges you, questions you and supports you through thick and thin and that there is hope! So I began my teaching journey so I could share the very foundation that has supported and sustained me all these years.

My teaching and personal Yoga journey continues to evolves and change as I evolve and change, as I continue to challenge, question and learn through the wisdom of this wonderful ancient tradition. Through Yoga I have found that joy, connection and peace are only a Yoga breath away. I truly believe that Yoga makes everything better and that life is better with Yoga 🙂

Namaste, Gwynn xo

YA Logo Registered Level 1

Qualification: Diploma of Yoga Teaching

Studied With: Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training {VIYETT}

Registered Business: Gentle Spirit Yoga ABN: 17 280 747 813