Frequently Asked Questions

I know what it is like to go somewhere new or try something for the first time. Your mind is buzzing with lots of questions. So I have put together a list of some frequently asked questions. Hope this helps 🙂

Is the yoga class gentle?

  • Yes. However we are all different so I encourage you to honour your body and practice within your own abilities as everyones definition of gentle is different.

Is the class suitable for beginners?

  • Yes

Do you run pre-natal classes?

  • No, however my classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy as I will monitor where you are at and make adjustments to the practice accordingly.

How many in a class?

  • Limited to 5 per class.

Do I need to a yoga mat?

  • Yes & a blanket.

Do I have to book a class?

  • Yes. Yoga and meditation is booked by the term (usually 10 weeks). Casual attendance is also available. Please check the class information for attendance details.

Is it too late to join a class when the term has already started?

  • No. Please contact me to discuss your options.

What if I can’t attend my class?

  • A Zoom recording of a yoga and meditation class can be emailed to you.

How do I pay for classes?

  • Internet banking/direct deposit. Account details will be supplied with your booking. Cash by arrangement.

I have trouble sitting cross legged. Does that matter?

  • No. There are lots of ways you can sit.

Will yoga and meditation help my anxiety?

  • Yes. One of the main areas I focus on is breath awareness and breathing techniques (Pranayama).

Will yoga and meditation help quiet my mind?

  • Yes. The monkey mind will quiet down with practice.

I am not very flexible, does that matter?

  • No. Over time your flexibility in both body and mind will increase.

Can I bring my child with me to class?

  • No. The class is not suitable for children as it is a long time for them to sit quietly and wait.