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Holistic Gentle Yoga for Women & Meditation

Hello beautiful Soul,

Thank you for taking this time for yourself. I would like to invite you to join me (Gwynn) and a wonderful group of women as we explore all aspects of Yoga and Meditation with a holistic and gentle approach within a supportive and nurturing environment. Classes are small to provide you with the opportunity to explore, accept and own your own unique brilliance, as we are all different.

Experience the power of connecting to your breath on a deeper level. Develop mindfulness to live within the present moment. And be guided to focus and quiet your busy mind, honour your own body and nourish your spirit to restore balance within.

Experience gentle, strengthening postures (asana), meditation and the power of the breath to calm your nervous system relieving anxiety and stress. Also incorporated into a class  is the sound and vibration of the crystal singing bowls (tuned to the heart chakra energy centre and higher heart chakra), the rhythm and vibration of the tanpura (Indian instrument) to restore and balance your energy and the soft, gentle beat of the buffalo drum to ground you.

Yoga is a journey to reconnect with that spark of divinity within you. The deepest longing of your Soul. It’s what often gets lost and forgotten as a result of our busy lives as we are so busy ‘doing’ and not ‘Being.’ Yoga isn’t something that you do, Yoga is an experience! ‘Yoga’ is the feeling the practice creates within you! Yoga is union between body, mind and spirit to establish inner peace, balance, connection, calm, quiet… Your yoga practice gives you the tools to connect to these feelings as part of your daily life.

Breathe & make time for yourself

Our stories may be different, but our hearts are the same. We all want to experience peace and a quiet stillness within our body and mind and connect to Spirit/Self. My aim is to provide you with a safe, nurturing and supportive environment and the tools and skills to live a more present and balanced life. I began teaching yoga to offer the hope that there is another way to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, a busy mind and the demands of daily life. Beneath it all there is a wonderful and precious Soul just waiting to shine. It’s time to shine your light onto the world. Life really is better with Yoga!

What the ladies are saying:

The best day of the week… I love my yoga…  I feel totally safe & comfortable…  I can be myself…  It’s so much more than just a yoga class, it seeps into my daily life… It’s reconnected me to my faith…  I love the meditation…  I cope better…  I really enjoy the music…  Time for me…  Creates space within me…  I need my yoga class…  I am a better person because of yoga…  Healing…  Nourishes my soul…  Helped my anxiety… I feel more calm… I can handle things better… My family is calmer because I am calmer…  I feel so relaxed… I can breathe more deeply… I feel lighter… I am so much more present & mindful… I learned to let go & surrender… I learned to love & accept myself… Gwynn is a gentle soul & so quiet, patient, kind, loving, generous & caring…

Love & Blessings

Gwynn Stewart

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“As a beginner to yoga, I was a little nervous about taking classes. Fortunately for me, Gentle Spirit Yoga has been a great place for me to start. Gwynn is very patient and considerate, meets me where I am, and is very encouraging.  I have already noticed an increase in my flexibility and strength, as well as feeling more relaxed and calm after learning relaxation and breathing techniques. I can highly recommend taking classes at Gentle Spirit Yoga. You won’t regret it.” ~ Keren Continue Reading →