Balancing Your Chakras

Gentle Spirit Yoga balancing your chakras

When I think about the Chakras I envision a blaze of colour that arches across the sky just after cleansing rain as the sun peeks through the clouds to form the perfect rainbow.

It’s almost like its Mother Natures way of bringing about balance after the storm. And that is what the Chakras do for you as well. Balancing your Chakras can establish balance and harmony within your body.

Imagine the seven major Chakras as spinning wheels of energy rotating at different speeds and frequencies located at certain points along your spine. And if any of these frequencies are slightly off kilter you can feel out of balance or maybe unwell or stressed.

The journey of balancing your Chakras begins at the base of your spine with the root Chakra Mooladhara. Here visualise the colour red to represent the colour of the earth. It is within this Chakra where you feel security and grounded. Second comes Swadhisthana at the sacrum and the colour orange, promoting creativity and self worth. The third Chakra is Manipura at the solar plexus or belly button and the colour yellow. Here lies your personal power. Continue up to the heart space to the fourth Chakra Anahata the centre of love and compassion and the colour green. The fifth Chakra is at the throat known as Vishuddhi, the centre of communication and the colour blue. The sixth Chakra is Agni or the third eye between the eyebrows, the point of guidance and the colour indigo. The seventh Chakra Sahasrara can be visualised at the crown of the head and is the centre for spirituality and enlightenment. Here you can visualise the colour violet or white to symbolise spirit.

You can use varying methods for balancing your chakras. Colours can be used as a visual aid as well as through their vibration. Music and sounds can also be used when it vibrates within the right frequency for each of the chakras. Symbols and the Lotus flower with a corresponding amount of petals and colour are also often used to represent the chakras. So as you can see there are many methods to balance the chakras and I’m sure there are many more.

Give it a try now by visualising each of the colours at he various points. Fully focusing your breath awareness allowing it to settle on each of the centres and colour for a few minutes or until you feel ready to move on.

So through working with these energy centres you can harmonise and restore your internal world to create balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

So remember if you are feeling a little frazzled try… ‘Balancing your Chakras’

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