Discovering Yoga

Discovering Yoga ~ A  personal journey of self discovery to something more.

Did you ever think that there had to be something more? That you are here for a purpose?

Have you ever felt an empty void inside that doesn’t ever seem to fill no matter how much you try? Well that is how I have felt as long as I can remember. Always searching but never finding. Always seeking on a worldly scale for that unattainable approval and acceptance. I was and still am a self-improvement guru! I have read all the books, done all the project sheets searching for that elusive sense of belonging in a big and boisterous world. Always striving to be the best version of myself that I can be, but always falling short.

Discovering Yoga: 

That is probably why I was so drawn to the practice of Yoga. For the first time in my life I was encouraged as Yoga guided me to look within rather than seek solace outside of myself. The best part was I didn’t have to be sporty, because any body could practice yoga (Note – ignore all unrealistic media representation of yoga). All I needed was my body and mind and an openness and willingness to try. And well for me, the rest is history. Once I began I was hooked! There was something about these strange postures that made my body feel quietly good. There was something about the resonating chants that made my spirit feel serene. And there was something about the quiet that made my mind – stop for five minutes from the incessant self-defeating thoughts. Who needed enemies, I just had to listen to the internal dialogue!

It’s such a cliché to say that Yoga creates a body, mind and spirit connection, but it actually does! Before yoga I knew I had a mind, it tormented me on a daily basis. I knew I had a body as I struggled with weight and low energy. As for spirit, I have always had a spiritual practice. I was raised to believe in something far greater than me is always at work. But I never really felt like I belonged anywhere within my spiritual practice. It was the connection that I was missing. I had all the right parts but not the binding ingredient – Yoga.

With discovering Yoga came the tools I needed to not only integrate body, mind and spirit but to cope with these aspects of myself and to gain a greater understanding that I am more than my body and mind. It is through practice that I have learned to quiet and regulate my mind, constantly reminding myself that it is a tool that can be influenced and guided most importantly by me. And it is amazing how through influencing the mind I have gained greater understanding and respect for other aspects of my life.

I still have my challenges. But now I can use the tools Yoga has instilled to challenge my pre-conceived ideas and old ways of thinking to attain a new perspective, enabling me to see things differently now. Discovering Yoga encouraged me to live mindfully from day to day and to be the best version of myself I can be. Like a dear friend, Yoga encourages me to accept, let go and live in each precious moment. Opening me to experience a life filled with love, kindness and purpose on the inside. But most importantly, I know I am not alone. I have the endless guidance that resides within and the guidance of Spirit. Now instead of emptiness there is a deep inner knowing that I am not separate, I am a part of the ‘Whole’ intimately entwined with the Universe, always connected.

I have been blessed with the gift of Yoga, which has provided me with that ‘something more’ my purpose. Not only through teaching but also through learning to be my authentic self, through looking within for fulfilment, rather than seeking approval from the world. I still love my self-improvement books; although they are usually Yoga philosophy based these days, as there is still so much to learn.

Discovering Yoga has bought about the union or should I say reunion of my body, mind and spirit. For that I am truly blessed and grateful as Yoga guided me home to something more.

Namaste, Gwynn

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