Walking Meditation

Gentle Spirit Yoga walking meditation

Spring is a wonderful time of year to awaken all the senses and what better way than with a walking meditation. I personally love walking meditations as it is a great way to ground you and to reconnect. 

3 Ways to bring Mindfulness into your Daily Walk ~

1. Awaken all your senses ~ sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Move through each of the sense experiencing each one fully before moving to the next. Or you may like to stick with one of the senses and then progress from there. Become aware of each sensation without identifying, analysing or labelling. To experience each moment fully and being totally present.

2. Physical awareness ~ through full body awareness you awaken and connect to your body on a deeper level. A great place to begin is with the mindful placement of each foot as you walk. Begin slowly at first feeling the sensation of the heel touch the ground following the foots journey through to the toes. Feel the entire movement of the foot, don’t analyse just experience.

3. Mantra ~ Do you have a favourite mantra? If not listen to your inner voice for one to come to you. While you walk repeat your mantra mentally or aloud if privacy permits. Your total awareness is on the mantra and the feeling it promotes. If your mantra is ‘I am love’ then know the feeling of unconditional love deep within. Fully experience the sensation and how it manifests within you until you become love.

And remember that all new experiences take practice. Before you know it you will be keen to head out and about to enjoy the experience of your walking meditation. Have fun and enjoy.

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