Discovering Yoga

Gentle Spirit Yoga ~ Discovering Yoga

 Discovering Yoga ~ A  personal journey of self discovery to something more

Did you ever think that there had to be something more? That you are here for a purpose? Have you ever felt an empty void inside that doesn’t ever seem to fill no matter how much you try? Well that is how I have felt as long as I can remember. Always searching but never finding. Always seeking on a worldly scale for that unattainable approval and acceptance.  Continue Reading →

Balancing Your Chakras

Balancing Your Chakras the Seven Major Chakras

Seven Major Chakras:  Image mbg

When I think about the Chakras I envision a blaze of colour that arches across the sky just after cleansing rain as the sun peeks through the clouds to form the perfect rainbow. It’s almost like its Mother Natures way of bringing about balance after the storm.  Continue Reading →

Celebrating Gratitude

Gentle Spirit Yoga ~ celebrating gratitude

I have been thinking about celebrating gratitude can be so important in our day to day. I know from my own experiences that being in a state of gratitude is not always easy. Especially when things don’t always go as I hoped or planned.  Continue Reading →