The meaning of Om

‘Om’ is our connection with the Divine!

To define the meaning of Om is like trying to explain all of existence. ‘Om’ is as elusive in its meaning as it is as powerful in its vibration and divinity. As ‘Om’ is our connection to all things as it is the sound vibration of the Universe.

It is said that ‘Om’ can be heard in outer space and that everything comes from the sound vibration of ‘Om’ and goes back to that place.

Although found in Buddhism and other Indian religions ‘Om’ originated in the sacred text of Hinduism (the Upanishads) and represents all that was, all that is and all that will be. Our waking, dreaming and dreamless states. All of consciousness! ‘Om’ is that spark of divinity within us, our connection to God who is omnipresent (all present), omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing) within each of us.

Sound & Symbol

Pronounced as A.U.M. or ‘ahh’ ‘oooh’ ‘mmm’. Each of the sounds respectively represents the past, present and future. The symbol of ‘Om’ is also represented in three parts. The 3 being Sanskrit for ‘ahh,’ the sideways S represents ‘ohh’ and the half moon or Bindhi as it is known represents the sound ‘mmm.’

Why we chant Om

As the seed sound for many mantras, ‘Om’ encompasses a deep meaning and spiritual connection to the Divine. Ultimately though, we chant ‘Om’ for its vibration. We chant to align our body, mind and spirit, to each other and the Universe. Chanting creates a sense of unity and infinity through connecting us energetically to the Universe. For thousands of years yogis have chanted ‘Om’ for its vibration. The resonating vibration grounds and instills peace and harmony to body, mind and spirit. The chanting of ‘Om’ is a mediation that not only heals, but protects and nourishes as it aligns us with our source (God). The vibration of ‘Om’ also establishes peace and harmony through balance to each of the chakras (energy centres within the body). ‘Om’ is our connection to ‘Oneness’ and allows us to rest in the fullness of the vibration in the silence that follows.

4 ways to experience the power and the meaning of Om

  1. ‘Om’ can be chanted silently on each exhale or out loud on each exhale. Allow the sound to gently flow with the length of your breath until it fades. Beginning with the ‘ahh’ sound then moving into the ‘oooh’ and allowing the ‘mmm’ sound to fade out.
  2. Listen to music as others chant, allowing the sound vibration to absorb into your being.
  3. Join a class as together we chant to experience the vibration.
  4. Spend time in nature.

Chant from the heart and experience the Divine connection of the meaning of Om.

Namaste beautiful soul, Gwynn


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