Mindful or Mind Full?

Gentle Spirit Yoga mindful or mind full

There is a time for everything and sometimes things need time to evolve. Taking the time to notice our surroundings and our inner world offers the gift of time by being mindful.

When we are lost in thought or perhaps mindlessly scrolling though social media or the internet or some other activity, we can be robbed of time and therefore robbed of the present moment. We can become so obsessed with yesterday or tomorrow that we forget about today.

Through observation and mindfulness we can be given back the gift to time. The gift of this present moment.

It’s good to remind ourselves that life is a journey and to embrace the sacredness. My personal mantra is ‘be here now.’ I recite it often as a reminder and also when I notice my mind pulling me into the dramas of the past and future. The breath is also a great tool to ground us back to the present.

I invite you to have a go now by noticing if your mind wanders from reading this or some other task that you are focusing on. Make a start by noticing the little things like eating lunch with full awareness. Or observing your breath, your body or your surroundings with mindful observation.

What do you notice?

Can you ‘be here now’ in the ‘present moment’ or has the mind captured your attention for some far distance promise or to reminisce about times past?

Would you like to experience more mindfulness in your life?

The first step is noticing that the mind has wandered from what you are focusing on. It’s only then that we can restore balance. 

Yoga and meditation offer tools that help to establish observation and mindfulness. We explore this within both yoga and meditation classes.

So what would you rather be?

‘Mind Full’

It’s your choice.

We all can use a little help when it comes to making friends with our mind and joining a class is a great way to receive guidance and support.

And remember… Time exists only in the moment we experience it.

So I invite you to ‘Be Here Now,’ one mindful moment at a time.

Namaste, Gwynn xo

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