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Gentle Yoga Classes Bendigo

Welcome beautiful soul,

I offer a holistic nurturing style of yoga with its roots stemmed from Hatha and Satchidananda (Integral) yoga.

I also provide Sound Bath Meditation. A unique uplifting and soothing energy experience.

The yoga classes are limited to a small group of women. Head to Class information to find out more, when and where, how to book (contact me) and what to bring.

I look forward to our time together 🙂

Love & blessings, Gwynn

Kindness and Praise…

‘The best day of the week’

‘Just love it’


‘I feel safe, comfortable & supported’

‘I can be myself’

‘I can truly relax’

‘The sound bath meditation is amazing’

‘I love the small group & the energy of the room’

‘Gwynn is a quiet & caring gentle soul, so kind, patient & generous’

The meaning of Om

‘Om’ is our connection with the Divine!

To define the meaning of Om is like trying to explain all of existence. ‘Om’ is as elusive in its meaning as it is as powerful in its vibration and divinity. As ‘Om’ is our connection to all things as it is the sound vibration of the Universe.

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Walking Meditation

Gentle Spirit Yoga walking meditation

Spring is a wonderful time of year to awaken all the senses and what better way than with a walking meditation. I personally love walking meditations as it is a great way to ground you and to reconnect. 

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Yoga and the Breath

Yoga and the breath go hand in hand so I have put together 5 great reasons to connect with our breath. As our breath is a really important part of our Yoga practice. Our breath is our connection to life. We breathe or we die, it is as simple as that. Our breath is what feeds, nourishes and sustains us.

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