The power of sound

The power of sound is all around us, but how much notice do we really take. Even if we can’t hear sound we can feel its vibration.

Sound mingles with our energy and has the capacity to change our frequency. Different sounds affect us on different levels. Some agitate, some soothe.

Sound works on the energy body allowing vibration to tune it restoring balance. Listening is key. And we can listen with all of our senses to raise our vibration.

Emotions are energy in motion

Sound massages our energy and can free it so it can express itself. Sound awakens us creating expansion of time and space. If we allow it, sound has the ability to dissolve what’s in our way. Our intention infused with sound has the ability to manifest. So trust in your own innate wisdom and what it is that you need.

Sound has the ability to align us with our relationship with Spirit

When we listen to our inner voice we are instinctively drawn to the sounds that we need. Over tine our body can become the vibration that we are seeking, such as peace or divinity or connection with the Divine. This is why the sining bowls can seem so powerful as they are clearing our energy body and raising our vibration.

Beyond sound is the silent witness

The space where inner wisdom comes forth. Silence also allows time for the frequency to affect change and encourage vibrational healing and awakening of our own inner wisdom. We become aware of Self as vibration.

With awareness comes awakening

Within the classes I play the instruments intuitively which invites co-creation between us and the Universe/God. Setting an intention can deepen our sound experience. As we all experience the power of sound and frequency within our own unique way every experience can be different depending upon the personal vibrational shift tasking place.

We don’t always have access to instruments, but we do have our voice. Mantra is a beautiful way to shift energy and raise vibration. Simply humming a ‘mmm…’ sound is enough to change our frequency to a higher state. Check in with the feeling that comes from the sound and allow it to expand out. Through intention awaken to awareness and expression to become the vibration you are seeking.

Blessings, Gwynn

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