Celebrating Gratitude

I have been thinking about celebrating gratitude can be so important in our day to day. I know from my own experiences that being in a state of gratitude is not always easy. Especially when things don’t always go as I hoped or planned.

Maybe my children are pushing all my buttons & my patience is wearing thin. It is also challenging to be grateful in the face of personal loss, when our heart is broken & the pain carved so deep that it is hard to imagine that the sun will ever shine again. It is moments like these that I feel we really need to look within & focus on what we are grateful for. When darkness overshadows us we need a light to shine into our heart. I feel that being in gratitude is the beacon of light we need to illuminate & dispel that darkness. This allows our heart to soften & open to the beauty that surrounds us.

When we take a moment each morning to express the things we are grateful for, our heart is a little lighter & brighter. When we continue to allow gratitude to shine through our day, transformation can take place. When we are in gratitude, we begin to focus on what we have, instead of what we haven’t got. In a heart filled with gratitude the sky is bluer, the sun brighter & the flowers more beautiful & fragrant. To me, gratitude offers hope. Hope for a better day, day after day. And before we know it, we are feeling gratitude in the smallest of moments, celebrating the little things & the wonder that exists in our world. Filling us with abundance & joy one grateful moment at a time.

6 great reasons to practice gratitude:

  1. Increases positive emotions
  2. Increased happiness, joy & optimism
  3. strengthens your immune system
  4. Lowers blood pressure
  5. Increases compassion & generosity
  6. Feel less isolated & lonely

From one grateful heart to another xo

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