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Create The Life You Want

Gentle Spirit Yoga

How do you create the life you want when it seems the whole world is rallying for your attention?

Have you noticed how so many emails, text and advertising (just to name a few) are marked urgent and in need our immediate attention? Advertising plays on our fear of missing out so we feel compelled to engage. Fear of missing out, also extends to other areas of our life. Continue Reading →

Gentle Yoga Classes Bendigo

Welcome beautiful soul,

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is relax and surrender and allow life to unfold. It is admirable to be there for others, but not at the expense of ignoring our own needs and wants. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t give from an empty cup’. Taking time out for ourselves often brings everything into perspective. Yoga focuses the mind and invites us to wake up from within. Every conscious action and breath is yoga. It’s not what we go through in life but how we respond that makes the difference in awakening peace within our heart. Yoga is both the means and the path. We learn through practice on the mat how to navigate our best life off the mat. It begins with kindness, love, acceptance as well as forgiveness for everything we thought we should or shouldn’t do or be. And the place to begin is right here now.

Let go and open your heart. Happy, content people build their inner world. Prioritise happiness. Be kind to yourself and then allow that kindness to flood the world. Look within, for you are the peace that you have been seeking.

And I am honoured to be a part of your journey.

Love & blessings, Gwynn

Class information is the place to find out when your journey begins.

Kindness and Praise…

‘The best day of the week’

‘I feel safe, comfortable & supported’

‘I can be myself’

‘I can truly relax’

‘The sound bath meditation is amazing’

‘I love the small group & the energy of the room’

‘Gwynn is a quiet & caring gentle soul, so kind, patient & generous’


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The meaning of Om

Gentle Spirit Yoga Quote - There's no place like Om

‘Om’ is our connection with the Divine!

To define the meaning of Om is like trying to explain all of existence. ‘Om’ is as elusive in its meaning as it is as powerful in its vibration and divinity. As ‘Om’ is our connection to all things as it is the sound vibration of the Universe. It is said that ‘Om’ can be heard in outer space and that everything comes from the sound vibration of ‘Om’ and goes back to that place. Continue Reading →

Discover your Courage through Vulnerability

Gentle Spirit Yoga -you-are-more-courageous than you think

Why you should change your perspective to discover your courage through vulnerability. It will change the way you view everything that you do!

‘When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable.’ – Madeline L’Engle

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Walking Meditation

Gentle Spirit Yoga ~ Walking Meditation

Spring is a wonderful time of year to awaken all the senses and what better way than with a walking meditation. I personally love walking meditations as it is a great way to ground you and to reconnect.  Continue Reading →

Yoga and the Breath

Gentle Spirit Yoga ~ Yoga and the breath

Our breath is a really important part of our Yoga practice. Our breath is our connection to life. We breathe or we die, it is as simple as that. Our breath is what feeds, nourishes and sustains us.  Continue Reading →

Celebrating Gratitude

Gentle Spirit Yoga ~ celebrating gratitude

I have been thinking about celebrating gratitude can be so important in our day to day. I know from my own experiences that being in a state of gratitude is not always easy. Especially when things don’t always go as I hoped or planned.  Continue Reading →