Stop trying to be everything to everybody

Stop trying to be everything to everybody. These are the words I heard recently as I meditated. They were loud and clear and exactly what I needed to hear and perhaps what you need to hear too.

How often do we run ourselves ragged trying to do and be everything? And when we don’t stop it most likely ends in tears or illness or both.

The beautiful thing is that when we take a step back and let life flow it leaves space for us. It provides us with the opportunity to explore new horizons and possibilities. In this space creativity awakens.

The truth is we can’t live our best life when we are trying to be everything to everybody else. So at some point we need to make the decision to stop and let go (preferably before the tears and illness). One way to approach it is by honouring ourselves. When I focused on looking after my inner world I was better able to let go of my outer world and feel more content.

Connection through meditation

I connect with my inner world through meditation. I meditate daily. Meditation is what keeps me sane. Some days I am totally into it and other days my mind has other ideas. But the important thing is that I show up every day and I allow what arises to be there and I watch as the witness without getting involved or attached to the process or outcome. It takes practice, but it’s worth it.

I meditate because it makes me a better person to myself and others. When we sit still and listen we can hear our deepest desires, we can hear the voice of intuition of the Universe, of God. But first we must learn to sit with our thoughts and learn how to quiet the mind. Once we get underneath the incessant chatter we arrive at a quiet stillness that resides within us. We don’t stop thinking, but through practice we learn not to focus on the internal chatter and instead anchor ourselves within our breath or mantra. We shift the focus.

Mantra meditation is one way to quiet the mind

And mantra also connects me to that quiet place within. One of my favourite mantras is ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ which can be interpreted as ‘I honour the divinity within me.’ When you set an intention to honour your own divinity and quietly recite this beautiful mantra a sense of calm and peace prevail.

This is a mantra for cleansing and clearing within your life and the world around you. It is a prayer of divine love, grace and truth to cleanse, calm and expand your mind and consciousness to a state of bliss. Contemplate what these qualities look and feel like within your own life and the world around you.

Begin a daily practice

I invite you practice daily. You may like to start with 5 minutes and increase from there. Do what works for you. After a while you will begin to notice and experience for yourself the spiritual insight and knowledge available to you and the peace the mantra brings to your heart and the joy that fills your soul.

So stop trying to be everything to everybody and instead try to be everything you need for yourself by remembering the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ ‘I honour the divinity within me.’ And when we honour our own divinity it is mirrored to the world around us.

But don’t take my word for it, give to a try for yourself.

It really is a magical mantra.

Blessings, Gwynn

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