Have a Little Faith

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On a scale from 1-10 how trusting are you? Do you try to control every single detail of your life or do you have a little faith in a higher purpose?

In order to trust or have a little faith, we must first believe. Believe that there is something greater at work. A higher plan to our purpose.

Firstly, I think we have to believe that we are all connected as everything we think and do interacts with the world on all levels. This means that we have the power within us to make a difference in the world through our own journey. So how do we know what our journey is… through trust! We trust in the process of life. We trust that we are a part of a larger plan. But don’t be fooled, our ego is quick to jump in with false ideas and ideals tricking us into separation and disconnecting us from ourselves and our surroundings. In order to trust, we must first trust ourselves. Only then can we trust in a higher purpose.

How can we learn to trust?

Through sitting quiet. In silence we can hear the whispers of our heart, our intuition or I like to call it spirit. When we listen we learn and grow from the inside out, instead of the outside in. But we can take trust one step further to faith. Faith to me is the spiritual side of trust. We  trust in our abilities. We trust that the Universe or God has a greater plan. I believe faith is trust in action. Faith is knowing with our whole being the we are guided to a greater purpose. Faith is more than believing. Believing stems from the mind, trust is an extension of our beliefs, but faith is our connection to spirit. To have faith is letting go of your own agenda and being open to a higher plan. Beyond the ego mind faith resides in our heart and is the voice of Spirit or God. To have faith is to believe, trust and have a deep sense of knowing that everything will be okay. It’s not always easy to be friends with trust or to have a little faith.  Our ego mind likes to be in control and will often invoke fear to keep a hold over us. I believe fear is misguided trust. If we are brave enough we can hand our fears over to the Universe or God. Only then can we learn to trust and have a little faith.

How do we live in trust and faith?

We let go of our limited beliefs. We trust in a purpose far greater than the limited mind can imagine and have faith in the process guided by Spirit/Universe/God. It is through faith that we come to a quiet stillness to rest in the peace of Oneness, instilling a deeper connection between every living thing. Only then can we feel part of the Whole. Only then can we live a purposeful life far greater than the one we could ever imagine for ourselves. All we need to do is have a little faith!

Namaste beautiful Souls xo

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